Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interior Design Basic Talk

Interior design has many definitions but lets get to the basic really! You have large companies who hire designers to make their building the best one on the block. Do they really hire us because they really believe what we have studied and know what we are talking about? or do they hire us to do all the dirty work? We deal with the contractors and the architects... which are usually a bunch of men.... Don't get me wrong they are usually pretty smart but somewhere down the line they want everything their way. Designers listen to what everyone wants and tries to fix multiple solutions for everyone involved. They then present the ideas to all parties and a decision is created or changed and recreated. So at the end is the design of an interior really the designers? or is it the architects, the owners, the contractors?  I have come to the conclusion that an Interior Designer who markets them self as a contract designer is really a project manager. One who handles and directs all aspects of the construction process. But the satisfaction at the end of the day is knowing that you have a team and everyone working together to get to the same goal. A wonderful building for others to aw about and enjoy. An Interior Designer is a multi tasked individual who can solve multiple problems and make a solution for everyone involved. A great feeling when a project is complete.

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